Custom Design

Why stop at our range of hand painted cycling figurines? We offer a seamless custom painted option so you can have your cycling figurines with your team colours, corporate logo, or any design you can think of.


The process:


Why go custom?

Giving out branded merchandise is cool, giving away branded pens and notepads is less so. Our custom cycling figurines, with their high gloss lacquer finish and beautiful presentation boxes will give you the wow factor customers are not expecting. We can even print and insert a custom message card inside the packaging.


It must be expensive right? 

Actually, no! As the standard range are also hand painted, they are very similar in price. You can get a custom figurine from only $40. 


Custom Painted Figurine: $40
Optional Services 
Computer generated image (of jersey design): $10
Computer generated image (of whole figurine): $30
Decal application of logos: $10 (per logo)
Printed message card inside presentation box: $2 per figurine



Within Australia: Free on orders over $100. $10 on orders under $100

International: Price depends on country and quantity ordered. Please email for detailed quote. 


If you require a detailed quote, please contact us here and we'll be more than happy to discuss further. 


Some examples

Team IOC


The customer sent us their team's clothing artwork with the directive to recreate their team in miniature form.


We created a computer rendering of what the final figurine design would look like. Keeping in mind the figurines are only 5cm tall and long, we focused on the key elements of the jersey/ knick design to capture the essence of team IOC.


The final product in formation! Each figurine was a combination of decal application on the smaller logos and hand painted design.



Atelier de Velo 

Atelier de Velo are one of the premier cycling stores in Sydney CBD. They wanted a range of shop figurines made that would reflect their current cycling kit design. We provided them with three different options. 

The different options created. Ultimately option 3 was chosen.

Team Calibre

Calibre Consulting is a boutique consulting company that specialise in financial systems. They wanted their corporate cycling team recreated into miniature form.  

The computer generated image used to validate the final design. Once Team Calibre signed off on this, it was off to France for the painting and decal application. 

The final product. Each figurine is finished off with a layer of lacquer to give them a high shine.  


 Kangaroo Point Cycling Club

Kangaroo Point Cycling Club are the oldest cycling club in Queensland, Australia. They approached us with the desire to make a miniature version of themselves to give out to accomplished riders in the team.  


Avid Collector

One customer simply wanted his favourite teams painted that we didn't stock as part of our regular range. He sent in a picture of each team and we did the rest. 


AMG Centre Sydney 

The Mercedes-Benz AMG centre in Sydney sponsored the 2015 Sydney to Gong charity bike ride and wanted a memento to give to their biggest sponsors. They came to us to commission a series of "Team AMG" figurines.