World’s first retractable visor helmet by Dux Helm

January 21, 2013

A new style of helmet is hitting stores soon. Marketed as the world’s first cycling helmet to include an integrated (and retractable) visor, the Dux Helm helmet is a breath of fresh air to the humble cycling helmet. At a slide of a switch, the helmet’s replaceable visor slides out of its enclosure. It’s a crazy idea when you look at it at first, but when you sit down and think about it, it kind of makes sense. Motorbike helmets have had integrated visors for years, so have time trial helmets… so why not in a road bike helmet? And the benefits continue when you’re out riding in the real world. Sweat doesn’t run down the lens, you don’t smudge the lens as you take the visor on and off, you don’t get sore behind the ears and you don’t need to stick your cycling sunglass arms into your air vents when not in use (something that doesn’t guarantee they will stay in place if you hit a bump).


The visors are interchangeable, so you can use the clear visor in the early morning ride, and swap it out for something darker for the afternoon. So from a practical perspective, its makes a lot of sense. But what about the actual helmet? It’s a good-looking lid that’s well ventilated with 24 vents and well padded. Weighing 285g, it’s near the weight of the 275g Giro Atmos, which doesn’t include a visor. Dux Helm use in mold construction and include a size-adjusting ring to keep adjustments simple and effective. An added bonus is the interchangeable coolmax padding and mesh liner to keep the bugs out. Nighttime safety has not been overlooked and Dux Helm have used a special phosphorescent paint on the back portion of the helmet that glows at night for added safety.

For now, this new company based in Vancouver, British Columbia has no plans to import the helmet to the Australian market. Lets hope things change because this great new helmet might just be what we have been waiting for. 

Rating: 7 out of 10
Pros: Visor is a useful new feature that will make forgetting where you left your sunglasses a thing of the past
Cons: A new player in the market, unknown long-term quality and safety compared to more established companies. 




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