Helmet Cameras - Are they good for your health?

January 20, 2013

With the increase in cycling popularity, we are hitting the roads in record numbers. There has been a 60% increase in the number of cyclists riding through Sydney in the mornings over the last year alone1. The increased number of cyclists on the roads has meant that confrontations with other road users have become more common. Some cyclists have decided to take matters into their own hands in these dangerous times and mount helmet cameras to record their rides. We look at whether this is in fact a wise move.

A quick search on YouTube confirms my suspicions. Cyclists who are foolish enough to mount a helmet camera are more likely to get hit by cars, abused by motorists and have car doors opened right in front of them. People post these videos online in an attempt to foster mutual feeling of camaraderie amongst other cyclists and not attract comments such as “LOL” and “I hope you get run over and die next time.”

Even if your ride isn’t interrupted by threats of violence and swearing, there is the danger family and friends will be forced to re-watch the entirety of your ride. And don’t think that your turn-by-turn commentary will be any solace to them. Soon you will find it more and more difficult to find people to sit down with you for a coffee out of fear they might have to re-watch your early morning commute.

So before you rush out to buy a new camera to record your rides, think about the consequences of your actions, and the sanity of the people around you.



1. Research conducted by an independent organization bi-annually across 100 intersections across the Sydney local government area. 

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